Bring Your Secrets, Bring Your Scars

You know that one song? That one song that comes on the radio as you’re driving home from a hard day? That song that just HIT you right in the deepest fold of your heart and you’re left in awe that timing like that exists?

Yes. That song. That song for me was “Unpack Your Heart” by Phillip Phillips. It had me reflecting on my ENTIRE life before the chorus came to a close. What?

“Bring you secrets, bring your scars, bring your glory, all you are. Bring your daylight, bring your dark. Share your silence and unpack your heart.”

It’s comical how many times I desired a boy to say these words to me. We all desire to be loved like this, in a total and complete way. Oh my GOSH we do! It’s written on our hearts!

But friends, we’ve got it wrong. Is that actually loving someone? Giving them all of your scars and hoping that they can help you put the Band-Aids on? I can’t telllllllll you how many times in college I turned to boys for the answers to the questions in my heart. And how many more times I was expected to harbor their secrets, to tend to their scars and to take on their darkness.

One of the students I’m working with in FOCUS said this to me one day, “Emily, I think the most powerful proof of God is that we are not who we were when we started believing in Him.” 

WOW. Thank the heavens! I couldn’t agree with her more. I have learned so much about love, about relationship, and about what it means to truly honor our brothers, since coming to know Christ and getting involved in FOCUS. Here are a few things that have become clear and are truly shaping the way I live my life.

  1. That song by Phillip Phillips? That song is a call to prayer. That song is our Lord speaking directly to your heart. All the desires I felt to be loved and to love were actually real and beautiful, I was just bringing those desires to the wrong person. Give your heart to Jesus first.
  1. Once He has your heart, and it’s healing through His power and no one else’s, trust that He will bring people in your life that you can love and be truly loved by. And He WILL. Oh my gosh, He will. You just need to have faith!
  1. There will always be a part of us that is broken, no matter the amount of healing that has taken place. See the perfection in imperfection. (I would argue that the imperfections of the people I love, are some of the most beautiful aspects about them.) We should be investing in people, honoring them, caring for them, selflessly loving them. Just make sure that through all of this, you’re leading them to Christ rather than to yourself. Be broken together, walking towards the Lord. I’ve taken more than a few paths, and I can say with complete trust and confidence that this path will lead you to the true love you desire.
  1. If this blog is freaking you out, I understand. Once upon a time, I would have been right there with you…. But I would say go back to #1. and give prayer a chance. It truly changed my life. I remember driving to a church, getting on my knees, and just letting go. Letting go of everything, especially my own pride. And I finally unpacked my heart to someone who could help.

“Bring you secrets, bring your scars, bring your glory, all you are. Bring your daylight, bring your dark. Share your silence and unpack your heart.”


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