He walked into our first meeting like he owned the place. He was clearly the “big man” on campus. That “fraternity star” that I (rudely) stereotyped my entire college career.

It was the day of elections for Mortar Board Honor Society.

(The society that I never in a million yeeeeears thought I’d be accepted to… twas an act of God!)

“I think we alllllll know who should be elected Social Chair. I was Rush chair last summer, guys.” He seemed to brag.

My first thoughts?

Who IS this guy?! How did he get in here?! He’s tall and cray cray. I’ll just let him be loud over there and I’ll be quiet over here. Perhaps, I’ll give a slight introduction, pretend as if we’ll become close friends, and then we’ll both move on as distant acquaintances, who never “had the time” to sit down and invest in each other.

Ha. Thank God I’m an idiot.

As the year progressed, Brock and I, seemingly the two most opposite people in the room, grew closer. And to my surprise, this frat star quickly became one of the best friends I could have ever prayed for.

Right around the time I was diving back into my faith, Brock took notice and asked how he, himself, could find a way to grow.

And boom!

Bit by bit my walls of judgment were beginning to crash before me. I told him about FOCUS and we both began a year that would truly change our lives.

I look back and I can’t help but thank God for Brock’s true friendship and boldness during a time in my life when walking alone might very well have been too much for me. We marched together into the Catholic promise land and had NO CLUE what we were doing.

It’s so wonderful when you can share times of utter confusion with a friend. Someone would say a beautifully Catholic joke, we’d laugh as if we understood, then glance at each other as if to say, “We’ll look it up later.”

I know God placed Brock in my life to remind me that I’m never alone. No one is ever alone, not if they let God in. But we all have moments when God gifts us with a human who leads us closer to Him, just by being themselves.

Brock became like a brother to me. Truly. A best friend.

I know what you’re thinking.


And ya know, there were days when I would’ve agreed with you, no questions. But then I met Brock. Through his caring heart and genuine personality, I was introduced to a true son of God. A brother.

And now, my brother is ENGAGED! Thank you, Lord! I couldn’t be happier for him and his amazing wife to be, Kelsey! I feel so blessed to know them both. I can’t wait to watch these two ROCK marriage! God has a plan, guys! When you say yes to His will, down right beautiful things happen. TRUTH.

“Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter; whoever finds one finds a treasure. Faithful friends are beyond price, no amount can balance their worth.” -Sirach 6:14



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