It doesn’t matter if you are a professional basketball player, a New York physician, a elementary school teacher, or an electrical engineer, the desire to create is within all of us. It’s a desire to express ourselves, to be life-giving, to be understood, to be Loved with a capital L.

We are creating and witnessing creation everyday, even if we don’t realize it. We create thoughts, ideas, and words that turn into actions. Some create journal passages, or blog posts. Some create cures. Some create new life. Some create dinner. Some create Art.

Art. Oh Art. It shall always have a warm place in my heart. Have you ever stopped to think about how much of an effect Art has on our society? It’s the music on the radio, the movies in the theaters, the advertisements on billboards, the clothes we wear, the books we read. Art is everywhere. And it’s powerful. To think, if Miley’s latest song had to do with feeding the hungry, rather than an absurd wrecking ball, the poor would eat like kings tonight.

Why is so much of Art today focused on self? Focused on the one night stand, the revenge, the PIVOTAL fact that, it’s like, our party, we can, like, do what we want, like, right?

Nahhh, dawg. Nah. I ain’t about that life.

As a missionary, I’m trying to bring the Arts and the big G.O.D together again. Let’s talk about beauty. Let’s talk about Art (music, theater, film, photography, writing, dance). Let’s talk about our Creator.

C.R.E.A.T.E. Catholics Redefining Everyday Art Through Excellence. Our kick off event is Monday night, the 28th, at 8pm. 10 Below Bar, in the Haymarket. Our guest artist this week will be Ben Holdren (Priest, Guitarist, Prankster) speaking on music and beauty. You don’t have to be Catholic and you don’t have to be an artist. You just have to be there.



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